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Japan Invents Technology to Touch Holograms Like Real Objects

Hologram is a projection of real objects, and this technology has just been developed and has become real by Microsoft and its real use has only been seen in movies. However, what happens if you can touch a Hologram? This is what the Original Researcher managed to do University of Tokyo, Japan. He did an experiment with a hologram which resulted in Touchable.

This research is entitled “Haptopclone“This researcher wants to make holograms look more real by being able to communicate and interact with them. How could that be? They mention that the interactive system technology is called “telehaptic“. A system that can make users send multi-dimensional images of an object, even human hands and faces can also be projected and touched with this technology.

However, Users can only experience these touches if their device supports the Telehaptic ecosystem they are developing. According to researchers, haptaclone will be perfect when paired with Virtual Reality (VR) Projects. because it can make VR Technology feel more real by being able to touch the virtual world using this Technology.

Technology Video Touching Hologram Objects

In the video, you can see how great this technology is to make unreal objects (holograms) perfectly touchable.

“Imagine you are in a zoo. There is a lion on the other side of your vision. With VR glasses you can feel the sensation of touching a lion,” said the research representative.

In addition, it was also revealed that this haptoclone uses kinetic sensors to scan movement in real-time. This sensor is supported by four ultrasound displays that deliver Ultrasonic radiation.

Even though the user does not actually touch the hologram, with the help of this technology the user is made to believe that he is actually touching a person or object. “We will continue to use haptic functions to enrich human communication,” the researchers said.

What do you think? Can what this researcher do can make your dream of experiencing the world in movies more real? what’s up now Microsoft is also working on Hololens technology that is capable of displaying holograms and interacting with them.

If the development of technology continues rapidly like this, then chances are you can feel the world like a Star Wars movie is getting real.