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Is it true that Mobile Legends will be deleted? Fact Check!

In the midst of its popularity, rumors circulated that Mobile Legends would be removed. Mobile Legends itself has quite a large professional scene player and team in Indonesia.

But, did you know that this game is often hit by problems. Riot Games has sued several times, saying that there are similarities between the game and League of Legends.

The first case was in September 2022, when the game was still called Mobile Legends: 5v5 Moba. As a result, Moonton removed the game from the Play Store. On November 9, Moontin re-released a game with a new name, namely Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

But, it didn’t stop there, Riot again sued Moonton for being accused of plagiarizing various elements in the League of Legends game. Starting from the map design, character and monster designs.

This case was brought to court but was canceled on the grounds non-convenience forum. Not long after Riot’s second lawsuit, Moonton received a new lawsuit from Tencent.

Indeed, this MLBB game was made by a former Tencent employee, so maybe there are similarities.

Is it true that Mobile Legends will be deleted?

The news that broke out about the deletion of the Mobile Legends game was a mere hoax spread by irresponsible parties.

Septemberbe this has something to do with the issue of removing the trending Free Fire game some time ago. Online games such as Mobile Legends are also affected.

Those who don’t like this game spread rumors that Mobile Legends will be deleted. That’s not the case though. Moonton itself is still actively releasing new skins and heroes.

In fact, MPL ID Season 7 is currently underway which will enter the playoffs. The MDL ID Season 3 tournament has also been successfully held.

This game was not deleted, in fact it was purchased by TikTok. TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, has acquired Mobile Legends for IDR 54.7 Trillion.

That is, this game will continue to grow better and wider. Don’t be fooled by the hoax issue, don’t worry, Mobile Legends will not be deleted.

MLBB Will Be Removed: Hoax!

Now you understand right? the issue of the Mobile Legends game being deleted is just a hoax that was exhaled by irresponsible parties.

So don’t believe if someone or a child says this game will be removed. Currently there are a lot of hoaxes that are popping up, you have to be smart to sort them out.

Look for the truth first, don’t swallow the information you get.

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