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Interesting Facts about Dyrroth in Mobile Legends

Dyrroth is one of the fighter heroes in
Mobile Legends game which lately is quite dominating in META. Hero it is very often used as EXP laner or
jungler due to attribute burst damage and high mobility.

Well, for the player Dyrroth, do you know some interesting facts about hero the? For those of you who don’t know, here I will explain some interesting facts about Dyrroth:

1. Released on September 25, 2022

Dyrroth is officially released on original server on September 25, 2022. Dyrroth was released right after Faramis (September 19, 2022).

In the early days of its release, Dyrroth was already well-known as
fighter heroes counter para tankerbecause hero it is equipped with abilities armor breaker which can immediately weaken
armor owned by tank in an instant.

2. Has the name Dyrus before release

While still in advanced servers, Moonton had named Dyrroth after the name Dyrus. However, the name was changed before its release on the original server, maybe to make it look more sinister :v

3. Silvana’s siblings

In the origin story, Dyrroth is told as the younger brother of Silvana, before he was kidnapped by Alice as a baby, then adopted and trained by her to become the leader of the army.
Abbys (Prince of the Abbys).

As Alice had predicted, after stepping into his teens, Dyrroth was easily able to defeat Thamuz and usurp his throne as the leader of the army. Abbys.

After that, Dyrroth is said to have attacked Moniyan Empire on a large scale, but his efforts were thwarted by Silvana and the guards Moniyan (Troop with Lightborn skins).

You can see the story of Dyrroth and Silvana’s battle through
trailers animation from Moonton released right after release
Lightborn skins.

4. Famous as counter Esmeralda

In META now, Dyrroth is very well known as counter Esmeralda. In fact, even in the tournament, Dyrroth will only appear if the enemy team uses Esmeralda.

in terms of power, Dyrroth was indeed very superior when compared to Esmeralda. Ability armor breaker Dyrroth contained in skill 2 makes it easy to dominate lane from Esmeralda since phase early games.


Well, those are some interesting facts about Dyrroth. If there are additions from you, please write them in the comments column. You can too
hero request what should I discuss in the next post.

Thank you


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