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Hyouka Manga Adaptation Will End in Volume 12

Dafunda Otaku – There is sad news from the very exciting detective school manga entitled Hyouka works of novels Honobu Yonezawa, this Hyouka manga will end in the 12th volume. This announcement itself was announced through the website belonging to Hon no Hikidashi owned by distributor Nippan.

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This news itself was quoted from Anime News Network that, the last volume for this manga will be published on September 25th. Previously, Taskohna published this manga adaptation in the magazine Monthly Shonen Ace company property Kadokawa since 2012.

Although there has been news of the end of this manga adaptation, Monthly Shonen Ace magazine announced that this manga will have a continuation of the story. The story of the characters in this manga will continue when members of the Classics Club move to grade 2.

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And, the continuation of this story will appear in the magazine in the next September issue. This series itself has previously been published in Indonesia published by Haru Publisherand has reached more than 3 volumes.

All the volumes themselves are: Hyouka, The Credit Roll of the Fool, The Kudryavka Sequenceand its most recent volume is, The Doll that Took a Detour.