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How to View Wa Backup ON Google Drive Android

How to View Wa Backup ON Google drive

Whatsapp backup – To view wa backups on Google Drive, you have to do the backup process first. WA backup process to Google Drive is very easy to do.

but on this occasion, we will only discuss how to see wa that has been successfully backed up on google drive android.

Please see how to check whatsapp backup on google drive:

  1. open the google drive app on your android
  2. then click the 3 lines in the upper left corner
  3. choose backup
  4. done

up here if my friend has successfully backed up his wa data, you should see a file called whatsapp 628934566xx this is the name of your backup file.

here’s a tutorial to see the wa data backup for the video version:

Nam That’s the information I can give, hopefully my friend can understand it. I end, thank you for stopping by at this child’s blog.