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How to Use Midrop to Transfer Files To PC or Other Devices

Transfer Files To Computer Via Wifi Without Data Cable – Xiaomi provides an Android to PC file transfer feature via Middrop and its file manager. This feature has been around for a long time and is being developed until now.

This time, the informant will review and discuss how to use this file transfer feature.

currently midrop has changed its name to shareMe. shareMe is an application that is integrated with the file transfer feature in the xiaomi file manager. you can try it in the latest xiaomi file manager and when you access the file transfer feature it will be transferred to the xiaomi’s middrop or shareMe application.

So to use the file transfer feature to PC from Android, you need wifi that is connected between the two devices. So this is a condition that must be met.

Here are the steps to use Midrop to transfer files from Android to PC:

  1. First, please connect both devices, both Android and your PC with the same wifi.
  2. open the middrop application or share me and select Connect To Computer
    How to Use Midrop to Transfer Files To PC or Other Devices
  3. then you click start and select password protected
    How to Use Midrop to Transfer Files To PC or Other Devices
  4. then set the password and username, for the port just leave it by default
  5. Next you will get your FTP IP address and then we go to our PC
  6. Open your PC or laptop and access the FTP address obtained through your browser. e.g.
  7. after that you can access the files on your android via ftp that is on midrop or shareme earlier

For a clearer and more complete tutorial, you can watch the video I’ve made on my YouTube channel. please watch the video below:

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