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How to Upgrade Bokuso Box Genshin Impact

The Three Realms Gateway Offering event is now available on Genshin Impact. And it also brings a new toy known as the Bokuso Box.

This gadget is very useful when you are trying to penetrate the darkness of Enkanomiya. Here’s a Genshin Impact Bokuso Box guide to help you use this gadget, how to recharge it, and how to upgrade it.

How to Use and Upgrade Bokuso Box

The Bokuso Box in Genshin Impact was given to you by Tsumi quite early in the Three Realms Gateway Offering quest chain.

He also tells you about the tower you need to reach in the far corner of Enkanomiya. However, these places are now shrouded in Corrosion, a darkness that will weaken and destroy your character the longer you stay in the area.

How to Upgrade Bokuso Box Genshin Impact

However, as long as you have the Bokuso Box equipped via the gadget menu, it will protect you from the effects of Corrosion. However, its power will be depleted over time and after being used for some things.