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How to Update Mobile Legends: Automatic and Manual

Mobile Legends must be updated to the latest update if you don’t want to experience problems during the game. This time we will explain how to update Mobile Legends automatically and manually.

Updating MLBB is very easy and takes less than an hour, depending on the network connection. Immediately following in full.

How to Update Mobile Legends Automatically (Auto Update)

Mobile Legends has a feature that allows players to download game updates while playing games. However, during a major update or major update, the game needs to be restarted for new content to enter the game.

Here’s how to activate Auto Update Mobile Legends:

  • Click settings in the main lobby
  • On the basic tab, select update settings
  • Choose whether you want “update only in wifi” which allows updates to occur only when connected to wifi only. Or “Update in any network” where you can download with regular mobile internet.
  • If you have, tap confirm and the game will automatically update when there is a new patch update.

How to Update Mobile Legends Manually

Apart from the feature that allows users to auto-update while playing games, sometimes you may encounter problems that don’t allow auto-updates.

Therefore, players need to do it manually. The size of this patch ranges from 100 kb to 500 MB. You can check the file size while the game is being updated.

For Android Users

  • Open Google Play Store and Search Mobile Legends
  • If so, click update and let the system download
  • Once done, open the game and let it complete the update

For iOS Users

  • Open the App Store
  • Click update to access all apps that need update
  • If you find the Mobile Legends application, tap it and start updating the game.

Why Do You Need to Update Mobile Legends?

Knowing how to update the Mobile Legends game is important to know. This is so that players can gain access to new content and events in the game.

A number of updates also come with bug fixes. Without this update, players may experience constant bugs that can damage the comfort while playing the game.

Players who do not update the game will also experience problems when playing with players who have updated the latest patch.

Well, that’s how to update Mobile Legends automatically and manually. Make sure your Mobile Legends application is updated on the new patch to prevent problems when playing games.