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How to Update the Latest PUBG Korea 2022

Many Indonesian PUBG players are looking for ways to update the Latest PUBG Korea 2022 because the Korean server updates faster than Indonesia.

So, by playing the Korean version of PUBG, you can enjoy a variety of the latest features that have not been released on the Indonesian server. Immediately following we provide how.

How to Update the Latest PUBG Korea 2022 With a VPN

How to Update the Latest PUBG Korea 2021

Coustesy : Youtube Green Zain

This is the most common and widely used is to use a VPN. This method is somewhat safe because you can still download PUBG on the Play Store, so not through third-party applications. Here’s how.

  1. Turn on VPN South Korea

The first way to update the latest PUBG Korea 2022 is by using a South Korean solo VPN to set the Play Store account to be in the area.

You can use the cellphone’s default VPN feature, you can also download the VPN application available on the Google Play Store.

Perform the installation as usual. Then, open the app and change the server to the country of South Korea.

  1. Set Up New Email

You also need to prepare a new email and during registration select the South Korean region. That’s because later this email will be used for PUBG updates in the region.

Just leave the mobile number requested when registering an email.

  1. Login to New Account

Next, enter the settings menu then select the installed application and then click Playstore.

Delete data on the Playstore application, then enter the settings menu again and select sync. Finally, login with the new gmail.

  1. Enable VPN

Next, enable the already installed VPN. Setting to the South Korean region so that you can download the latest Korean version of PUBG.

  1. Open Play Store

If the VPN is already on, the next step is to enter the Play Store with the new gmail account.

Don’t be surprised if the writing becomes Korean Hangul writing, you must be confused as to what it reads. In order not to be confused, just search in the “PUBG” search field.

If you have found it, click update and wait until the update process is complete. Succeed! The Korean version of PUBG is now available for download.

Create Account


Courtesy : YouTube Green Zain

Well, before you can play it, you need to create a PUBG account first. How to activate the VPN then register with your PLAY GAME account. Use the google play account you just created earlier.

Later, PUBG will ask for approval, just click allow. After all, click the create button then immediately exit PUBG by clicking the home button.

Also turn off the VPN. Why? So that you enter the Asian server, but the Korean event. Then, log in again to PUBG without VPN

Well, at this point, you can create a new PUBG account. Continue by creating the desired name and characters.

How to Update PUBG Korea 2022 Without a VPN

If you find it difficult and complicated because you have to install a VPN and create a new email, don’t worry because there are other easier ways.

You just need to install the Korean version of PUBG from a third-party site. So, not in the Play Store directly like the first way.

To get the latest Korean version of PUBG Mobile, you can directly download it here

If so, do the installation and you can play the game without the need for a VPN and a new email.

Well, that’s how to update the latest PUBG Korea 2022 with a VPN and without a VPN. Just choose which one you think is easy.