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How to Update Android Version

Here’s How To Update The Android Version That Is Guaranteed To Be Safe!

How to Update Android Version
How to Update Android Version

Are you familiar with Android, right? Android is the most popular operating system used besides iOS. Periodically, Android is consistent in launching the latest version, now Android 11 has been released which is the most sophisticated system, this time Android 11 is no longer released using the dessert name, you know! Unfortunately, not all smartphone vendors are committed to providing an Android upgrade to the latest version. This is the reason why many are looking for ways to update the Android version independently.

In order to ensure convenience for users, smartphone vendors should also be committed to providing the latest updates from the Android version. So, when this upgrade appears, it will be rolled out to users in stages. Unfortunately, this cannot be realized easily.

Instead, android users can update independently, there are several ways to update a safe android version, namely by OTA (Over The Air), or it can be offline. How to? Here we present the review for you!

Guide on How to Update Android Version with OTA and Offline

These two methods of updating the Android version are very familiar to a few people, especially those who like to modify Android. The following brief review will give you an idea, regarding how the android version update is done, if interested, you can try it.

1. How to Update Android Version with OTA

Update the android version with OTA is the easiest way, there are many cellphone manufacturers who also use this method. How to update the android version with OTA, has three conditions that must be met, namely:

– Adequate internet connection,

– Free space on the internal memory, at least more than 2GB, and

– Sufficient battery power. Minimum 50% so that the upgrade process can run smoothly.

Each smartphone has a different order to perform an OTA upgrade, from one version to another, there may be differences. As an illustration, here we present the most common Android update guide with OTA:

– The first step, please open the settings menu or settings on the cellphone you have.

– Find the about phone menu.

– Check, whether there is a system update available or not.

– If available, download to completion.

– When the download is complete, an option button will appear as confirmation, select restart.

– The phone will restart and update, wait until this process is complete.

– After that, the phone will turn on and can be used as usual, of course with the latest android version.

Simple isn’t it?

2. How to Update Android Version Offline

In addition to OTA, Android updates can be done offline. This method is a solution for android users who want to update but don’t have enough internet connection. How to update the android version offline will not be much different for various types of smartphones, here are the steps:

– Please download the firmware file / OS file according to the type and type of your smartphone. Download this file from the smartphone manufacturer’s official website.

– After the download is complete, move the file to the phone’s internal storage.

– Next, open the settings menu, select about phone.

– Next select the option update from file, or choose update package.

– Select the previously downloaded firmware file.

– Next, confirm to restart.

– The offline android version update process is in progress, wait for it to finish.

Why do users need to know how to update the android version? Updates not only aim to update the appearance of Android devices, but also to improve performance and security systems. So, there is no need to worry about updating the Android version, it is guaranteed safe when done correctly. Good luck!