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How to Unlock Spirit Tuning in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, you are given a new feature to summon NPCs or Spirit Ashes who will help you in battle.

In addition, you can further upgrade your spirit using Roderika’s Spirit Tuning. This guide will tell you how to unlock Spirit Tuning in the Elden Ring.

How to Unlock Spirit Tuning in Elden Ring

Spirit Ashes are summoned with the help of the Spirit Calling Bell, which you need to get from Renna found in the Church of Elleh Site of Grace. You should go there at night and talk to him.

He will tell you to meet with Melina to get Torrent. Completing the quest will earn you Lone Wolf Ashes as your first summoning spirit.

Meet Roderika at Stormhill Shack

After having the Spirit Calling Bell, you can meet Roderika to unlock Spirit Tuning. It is located in Stormhill Shack before you enter Stormveil Castle.

Talk to him to get Spirit Jellyfish Ashes and a quest. He will tell you to defeat Margit the Fell Omen and Godrick the Grafted boss. After defeating them, return to him.

Meet Roderika at Roundtable Hold

When you return, you’ll find that he’s no longer around, and you’ll need to meet him in Roundtable Hold.

Keep talking to him until the dialogue ends, and talk to Smithing Master Hewg. After going back and forth, you should now find Chrysalids’ Memento which is located in Stormveil Castile.