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How to Troubleshoot Black Screen When Valorant Starts

The update indirectly brought a lot of bugs that hit the server. In the latest 2.05 update, a number of players are experiencing log-in issues where they continuously experience a “black screen” when starting the game.

As a result the game can not run and make players annoyed with this. In this article, we will provide a number of ways to overcome this.

This worked for a lot of people, but some didn’t. Immediately following is a guide to dealing with black screen problems in Valorant.

  1. Run the game as administrator

An easy solution to solving various Valorant login problems is to run the game as administrator.

Black screens and other login errors are usually caused by OpenSSL bugs. Running the game as administrator can fix the problem.

Here are some more options to solve this problem

  • Click on the Start button and look for Environment Variables
  • Click Edit System Environment Variables.
  • Navigate to the Advanced tab and select Environment Variables.
  • Select New under System Variables to the bottom right side of the tab.
  • Type or paste OPENSSL_ia32cap as Variable Name. Paste or type “~0x200000200000000” without the quotes for Variable Value and click OK.
  1. Update Driver

Outdated software or graphics card can be at the root of various problems like this black screen bug.

If you think the driver is outdated, try updating the GPU driver, maybe the black screen problem when logging in Valorant can be resolved.

  1. Reinstalling Valorant

Another way is to reinstall Valorant. It often happens that patch updates are not installed properly by the system

Reinstalling the game from scratch together with Vanguard anti-cheat might solve the blank screen problem.

  1. Wait

Since this is a problem that many players have experienced, Riot will probably do a hotfix of the black blank screen.

So, you just have to wait for the improvements they make.

  1. Contact Riot customer support

If all of the above has been done but it doesn’t work, the final solution is to order a complaint ticket or complain ticket with the Riot support team.

They will quickly respond to complaints submitted and work optimally to help players fix the error code they experience.

Well, those are some ways to solve the Black Sreen problem when Valorant starts. Hope this helps those of you who are having this problem.

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