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How to Set a Wifi Hotspot to Restrict Users and Provide Limits on the Latest Android

Hotspot or Theatering Wifi On Android – Turning on the hotspot on our android can help us easily to share internet connection with other devices or devices. a lot of android users who use this feature and I think almost every android model nowadays already includes this feature.

technological advances make our smartphone capabilities go forward and develop, there are features that are updated to get functions that suit our needs. for example, when we do theatering wifi to our friends, sometimes he takes advantage of that moment to open videos that do eat up quite a lot of internet quota. the solution to this problem already exists with you limiting the use of quota on our smartphone.

On xiaomi phones in particular, the ability to limit users connected to our hotspot already exists and there are even other features that can allow us to set the amount of quota that can be used once for theatering wifi on our android. Now, this feature is what we can use to help us overcome our fear of using the amount of quota we spend while doing theatering wifi.

thus we can save our internet quota when doing theatering wifi to other devices. here’s how to set the limit of users who can connect to our Wifi Hostpot:

  1. Please Open Settings or Settings on your xiaomi cellphone
  2. After that you select portable hotspot and select Connected devices
    How to Set a Wifi Hotspot to Restrict Users and Provide Limits on the Latest Android
    We will Set the Number of people who can connect on our wifi hotspot
  3. then select the number of people you limit by selecting limit connected devices
    how to limit wifi speed for others except us on android
    I gave an example of choosing 1, then only 1 person can connect to our wifi, but if you choose unlimited, it means that you allow unlimited or unlimited numbers. so how many people can connect to our wifi.

That’s how to limit users who can connect to our wifi hotspot, next we will discuss how to limit the quota that is spent or give internet quota limits to users who are connected to our wifi. please take a look, guys:

  1. Please open settings and select portable wifi hotspot, then select one time data limit
    how to limit hotspot quota on xiaomi
    We will make internet quota limits that can be spent when the wifi hotspot is turned on
  2. then give the desired quota limit. you can choose custom to set the value of how many mb you want to fill if there is no appropriate choice.
    the app restricts android hotspot users
    Activate the one time data limit and select Size to set the amount of quota you want to spend when the wifi hotspot is turned on.
  3. after you have done the above process, when the quota that has been spent has reached the threshold, the hotspot will turn off automatically.

if you follow my tutorial above then you can save your internet quota if any of your friends want to ask to be theatered. By limiting the quota of people, you don’t need to hesitate or be afraid of running out of more quota. for those of you who use different brands other than xiaomi, I recommend installing third-party applications in the playstore such as the wifi hotspot meter application. This application is also more or less the same in use to limit the internet quota used when doing theatering wifi on Android.

So how easy is it? if you have trouble please leave your comments, and don’t forget to share with your friends to share this information. Thank you for visiting!!