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How to Restart Valorant Game Client to Fix Error Code

A number of error codes prompt the player to restart the Valorant Game Client to fix the issue. But, maybe some of you are confused about how to restart the game client?

That’s why this article comes with a discussion of how to restart the game client. Immediately, here’s more.

How to Restart Valorant Game Client

When the error message asks to “restart the Valorant game client”, it just asks you to close and reopen the game.

The fastest way to restart the game client is to press Alt+F4 then relaunch the game again.

Actually restarting the game client is a simple request from Valorant to fix bugs by restarting the game.

With the help of Alt+F4 keys, the problem should be solved. But if the error message still appears, you need to take steps with the help of the following task manager.

How to Restart Game Client with Task Manager

  • Press Ctrl + Alt + Del and click the “Task Manager” option.
  • Click Valorant and then click “End task” at the bottom right.
  • Close the Task Manager app and launch Valorant to finish restarting the game client

Solution to Fix Error Code 43 and 12

Restarting the game client is also useful for fixing error codes 43 and 12. The trick is to close the game first by pressing the Alt + F4 key or task manager as above.

Make sure the game is updated to the latest version. Septemberbe you guys need to update Vanguard too.

If it doesn’t work, close the game and run the application as administrator. Another way is to restart your computer.

If everything has been tried but the error code still appears, try reinstalling the game.

Usually error code 43 appears due to time out. The cause, it could be because of the internet, try restarting the router or using another connection to run the game.

Lastly, if all else fails then the best way is to apply for a support ticket. Go to Riot’s support page for Valorant and file a complaint.

Well, that’s a number of ways How to Restart the Game Client to fix the error code that might be able to help you if you have problems in the game. September be useful.

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