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How to Remove Ad Box in Median UI Template Version 1.6 Mobile Only

How to Remove Ad Box in Median UI Template Version 1.6 Mobile Only – this time I took the time to update again writing about using Bang Maki’s median ui template. median ui is a very elegant and very nice design template.

well this time median ui is rolling out an update to version 1.6 where the template I’m using is not that version. I have 1 new blog that uses the update. you can check at simple android tutorial.

My blog is using version 1.6 and after doing some settings, I found a problem that is not comfortable to look at. looks like an ad box appears under the header and a sticky ad at the bottom.

how to remove mobile ad widget in median ui 1.6 specially the bottom of the header

to disable it we need to change some code without having to delete it. please try the following steps:

  1. open blog
  2. select edit html
  3. use ctrl +f and search for code Under header ad see you like the code below


    please change the code above in the visible part from true to false


now click save and see the changes. see it from the cellphone, guys. well then we will remove the bottom ad.

how to remove mobile sticky ads for median ui 1.6

for the same way as above, only need to change from true to false. So, here’s how you can try:

in the edit html section, use ctrl + f and search for Anchor ad placement(mobile only)

find the code as below


please change it from true to false to disable the sticky mobile ad widget.