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How to prevent Telegram from downloading images or files automatically

Turning off the Auto Download Feature for Images and Videos on Telegram – How to do it so that when opening a chat on Telegram it doesn’t automatically download image files or other files. Telegram is a chat application that is widely used today besides WhatsApp. Many developers create a channel and even a group on Telegram. basically this telegram application is the same as other chat applications, it’s just that needs make us have to use it.

Telegram was indeed blocked by Indonesia, but now it can be fully used again. The problems experienced this time have indeed been experienced in other chat applications, namely we usually download files automatically when connected to the internet when opening a personal chat or group chat. so just imagine if you join more than 3 chat groups or channels, each user sometimes sends an apk file and videos and other documents that can be downloaded automatically and we don’t need the file, so we have to turn it off. so, how to do this?

Immediately, the informant will show you how by following the guidelines below:

  1. Open your Telegram application and select settings
  2. Now open or select Data and Storage
  3. Then you turn it off Auto – Download Media by sliding the toggle button to the left. turn it off too Stream Videos and Audio files his
    How to prevent Telegram from downloading images or files automatically
  4. Until here, the way to turn off the auto download has been done

Now that we are safe using Telegram, files that do not need to be downloaded will not be downloaded automatically anymore. so we don’t have to worry about cleaning files again in the gallery and file manager to delete files we don’t need.

If you are confused, please watch the full video below:

that’s a powerful way to turn off auto download media on the telegram application. I hope this tutorial can be useful guys.