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How to Play Music Sequentially on Vivo HP

Here’s How to Play Music Sequentially on Vivo HP

How to Play Music Sequentially on Vivo HP
– Playing music is an activity that we usually do every day on our Android phones. By playing music, it is hoped that we can get a better mood booster.

On my vivo cellphone, to play music in the default application, by default the songs that are played will be random and not sequential according to the order of the songs.

This happens because the random song feature in the vivo music player application has been active from the start. To play music in order in vivo, we need to make changes to the settings as below:

1. Open Vivo Music Player App You

2. Play the song as usual

3. After that change the Random Setting to On Played Everything.

How to Play Music Sequentially on Vivo HP
Click the Random Icon Until It Changes So Rotate Everything

Now all the songs in your vivo music player app will play all the songs in sequence. If your in vivo music player still can’t play music sequentially, you can wait for an update from the vivo developer.

Alternative Music Player Applications For Your Android Phone

If the above method does not work properly, now we will try some music applications that I recommend for you. The best offline music player application I’ve ever tried, you can see the list below:

1. Poweramp

2. Retro Music

You can download the two music player applications above on the Playstore, this can be an alternative to try on your Vivo cellphone.

Mimin himself has bought the application above and it’s really wort it. And according to the informant himself, the two applications are android music player applications with the best sound quality I’ve ever tried.

For online music player application you can try Youtube Music, Spotify or Joox Music. All of the vivo applications that you can download on your favorite playstore.

So much information this time, hopefully now you can play music sequentially on your vivo cellphone.