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How to Move Contact Number to Google Account

How to Move Contact Number to Google Account

How to Move Contacts to Gmail
– If you have a lot of contact numbers on your cellphone and want to secure them so they don’t get lost, you can backup your contacts and then upload them to Google Drive.

The method above is safe, and many use Google Drive to store their contacts. but we can try another way, which is to connect all phone numbers stored in our internal android to a gmail or google account.

if it is stored on the drive we need to export the contacts first and then upload them to the drive, after that if you want to restore it we need to re-download the file that was uploaded earlier and then import it into our contacts.

The method that I will share below is a different method, but both use a Google account as well. the advantage is that it is more efficient because we only need to log in with a google account, then all contacts will be returned easily.

Here’s a tutorial on moving a phone number to a Google account:

  1. Please Export Contacts First, Read here
  2. If so, let’s continue by opening Gmail
  3. select line 3 in the upper right corner
  4. select select contact
  5. then you will be directed to Google’s contact application
  6. Please download if you don’t have it yet
  7. open the google contact application
  8. select settings
  9. select import
  10. select .vcf file and click OK
  11. select the google account where you will save all your contacts
  12. look for the contact export file that was done in the first stage
  13. wait until the import process is complete (make sure you have internet)
  14. done

after following the steps above, then you have successfully copied the contacts to the google account you want.

If you are confused, you can watch the video tutorial that I have prepared below:

I hope this tutorial on moving contacts on your cellphone to a gmail or google account can be useful. every time you log in with the gmail account, all contacts will be synced to the cellphone automatically.