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How to Leave a Facebook Group Permanently on Android

How to leave android facebook group

Logout Android Facebook Group – this time mimin will share a little anxiety when using facebook. The anxiety that Mimin experienced may also be experienced by some of my friends.

The reason is that Mimin’s Facebook account is often included in a group that Mimin doesn’t want at all.

How to Leave a Facebook Group

For friends who are having problems like Mimin and want to leave the Facebook group, you can try the following tutorial:

  1. Open your android facebook application
  2. Please login with your facebook account
  3. Select line 3 in the upper right corner
  4. select groups
  5. select your group to display all the groups that have been joined
  6. select a group that you want to remove
  7. Select the 3 dots in the right corner of the group
  8. select Leave Group
  9. Select Leave Group
  10. Done

How to leave a facebook group permanently

well the tutorial above is how to leave the group without being permanent, if you want to leave the facebook group permanently and don’t want to be added to the group again, you can try the method below:

  1. Please follow Step 1 to step 8 in the tutorial above, because the method is almost the same, only the final method is different
  2. Choose More Options
  3. Opt Out of the Group Permanently
  4. Done

well that’s the way so that we can get out of the facebook group permanently. now you will not be able to enter or be added to the group automatically.

oh yes, if you are still confused, mimin has a short video tutorial on how to leave a facebook group permanently via your android. watch the video below: