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How to Install Substratum Theme Engine and how to Use it

How to Use Substratum Theme Engine – Substratum is a third-party application that can help beautify the appearance of our Android custom rom. by using this substratum we can change the overlay theme on our android.

How to Install Substratum Theme Engine and how to Use it

Substratum itself is already popular and widely used for those who use AOSP custom ROM base. I myself have used it and until now still use this substratum.

To use this Substratum theme engine, you have to install a Substratum key and install a theme from the Substratum special theme developer.

an example of a substratum theme is Pitch Black. pitch black is a paid theme application, but in my opinion pitch black is very good because there are several custom overlays which I think are very good.

Immediately, we will learn how to use the substratum them engine by following these steps:

  1. Download and install Substratum theme engine on Playstore and also download Substratum Key here!!
  2. After installing the new substratum theme engine, you install the substratum key that you got earlier.
  3. Next, install the substratum theme, for example you guys Download the pitch black via your play store
    How to Install Substratum Theme Engine and how to Use it
    PitchBlack S╶ Samsung Substratum Theme Oreo/One Ui

  4. After the theme you want is installed, then open your substratum theme engine, then select the theme that you installed earlier, incidentally what I installed was pitch black, so I chose pitch black
  5. Next select the overlay you want to install and click build and enable
  6. after that wait a few minutes until the installation process is complete.
  7. Then you can click the tab manager and slide the toggle button to the right and please click enabled selected
  8. after that wait for it to finish and see the resulting changes.

For more details, friends, you can watch the following video:

Don’t forget to leave a comment and subscribe, guys. Thank you for dropping by on my blog. that’s a short tutorial on how to use the substratum them engine.