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How to Get to Love Island Genshin Impact

The world of Genshin Impact consists of many secrets. With the size of the game map, it’s no wonder that there are hidden areas that players have yet to reach, one of which is Love Island Genshin Impact.

If the player manages to find it, there will be attractive prizes to be won. To be able to reach Love Island or also known as Heart Island, it takes a lot of time. To make things easier, here we provide a guide on how to open Hearth Island.

Location and How to Get to Love Island Genshin Impact

Entering Heart Island is quite difficult if players don’t know what to do. This island is located southeast of Migyun Village. To be precise, near Lake Starfell. After walking here, you can see a distant island from the east.

That hidden island is called Love or Heart Island. Gliding to this island is not an option because there are no mountains or tall buildings to climb. The only option left is to use a Cryo elemental character with an ice skull base.

Swimming to the island is also not possible because the distance is very far. Indeed, not all characters can get to this hidden place. Septemberbe only characters who have Ice-based skills can.

These characters will later help you explore quickly. You can try using Kaeya. Or you can use Cryo characters like QiQi. Before using it, you have to start the story in the game.

How to Reach Love Island Genshin Impact

After getting Kaeya, use his Frostgnaw skill to freeze the water of the road to the secret island. Freeze the water and use it to walk all the way to the small island to the east of the Shore.

Once you arrive, you will be greeted with rocks that form a heart or love character. In the middle there will be a chest or Luxurious Chest. To open it, you just have to stand there with a friend.

Otherwise the chest will remain locked. So make sure to invite someone into the game before crossing over to Hearth Island.

If you and your friends have Cyro characters, it will make traveling easier. Also make sure that the friend you invite has Adventure level 16 and above.

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