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How to get the Husk Gem in Genshin Impact

Husk Gem is a new quest item introduced in Genshin Impact. During the Three Realms Gateway Offering event in version 2.5, players can defeat Shadowy Husks to receive Husk Gems as drops and activate mechanisms.

However, finding the Husk Gem in Enkanomiya is very difficult. Six Shadowy Husks are present on the map and defeating them will earn you a total of six Husk Gems.

Location of the Husk Gem in Genshin Impact

In addition to Tokyo Legume and Aphotium Ore, players need Husk Gems in Genshin Impact to clear the Tower of the Void. These 10 items are needed to unlock the mechanism.

Two Shadowy Husks can be found on Locus Yachimatahiko island:

How to get the Husk Gem in Genshin Impact

It should be noted that after defeating these enemies, players can also open a Chest which gives an additional 10 Husk Gems.