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How to Get Free Pixel Clash of Clans (CoC) Background

How to Get Free Pixel Backgrounds in Clash of Clans

Recently, game Clash of Clans presents a pixelated graphic theme just like in games old school that was released in the 90’s. With a very distinctive theme design, supercell, the developer this time it seems not half-hearted in making it.

The proof, 4 heroes in game Clash of Clans everything is immediately scheduled to have skin specially with pixel theme. Not only that, games It also features the latest pixel theme backgrounds that you can actually get for free.

So, how to get the pixel theme background? Let’s just look at the following discussion:

1. Join the 10 Year Clash Event

10 Years Clash Event

Clash of Clans just celebrated his 10th birthday last September 2nd. Well, to celebrate it, Supercell bring events special titled “10 years Clash” which has various attractive prizes, one of which is the pixel theme background that you are looking for.

Events This is in the lower right corner of the screen, and to complete it you just need to play each level that has been provided. Uniquely, each level will represent development game Clash of Clans over the past 10 years which indirectly shows how the evolution of games
This has been going on since its initial release until now.

Honestly, I as one player long time CoC really likes events
this, because in addition to obtaining various attractive prizes, events it also has a very nostalgic element to it. I didn’t think that it had come this far games CoC has been running for the last ten years.

2. Collect 15 Stars

Collect 15 Stars

To get the pixel theme background for free, you have to collect at least 15 stars in events This “10 years of Clash”. Remember, the accumulated stars are only those obtained from within eventsnot from warbonus

How to get the stars is also very easy, you are only required to destroy each base with the troops that have been provided. Here your strategic skills in attacking will be tested, because the base and troops provided will certainly be very different from the strategies you usually use.

But take it easy, even though the troops and base layoutbelongs to random, you are free to try it over and over again. So try to keep trying as much as possible until you get 3 stars in each level to more easily collect 15 stars and get free pixel theme backgrounds.

3. Claim the Prize

Pixel backgrounds that you can get for free

Well, if you have collected a total of 15 stars in events “10 years of Clash”, then you are guaranteed to get a free pixel theme that is sure to be your main target. Stay claim don’t be on the side eventsand just try the new background theme.

Is the new background worth it?

Even though they have been given a free background, there are still many players who complain that the free background looks ugly and unsatisfactory. So, worth it
is this pixel background for you to get?

In my opinion, before deciding to judge whether this free pixel background theme is good or bad, let’s first peel it a little deeper from various sides. If you look at it from the side of the lovers games 90s era pixelate, this theme is definitely going to be great worth it to be obtained, because in addition to presenting a unique graphic presentation, this theme seems to change the appearance games CoC becomes games old school that appeared in those eras.

Even more, Supercell also showing background different music with this theme, so the old school element is more pronounced. Once again, it becomes a positive element for lovers games pixelate with its distinctive graphic presentation that we now rarely encounter in games other.

However, unfortunately the pixelated graphic presentation is not liked by most young people in this era who have been spoiled with more realistic 3D graphics. Looking at the pixelate-style grid graphics that spoil the eyes, of course they won’t like it at all.

From these two sides, it can be seen that events in Clash of Clans this time it was most likely targeting the player an old man who can really reminisce with a pixelate display games old school era 90’s when they were little.

Even though I was born in the 2000s myself, I can still relate to this pixelate theme because it used to be games what I play also still has a very simple 2D graphic presentation. Watching Supercell re-display the graphic presentation of that era, it’s good to see it, it feels nostalgic to the 90s era.

In essence, this pixel background theme is indeed not as beautiful and good as other themes. But for the nostalgic side, I admit that this theme is the best theme to treat the longing of the era games in the 90’s.

Whether it’s good or not is up to you who judge it as a player. In my opinion, this is already good, it’s rare Clash of Clans give a free background, it’s good for collection, if you don’t like the background, then you don’t have to use it.


That’s all my discussion about “How to Get Free Pixel Backgrounds in Clash of Clans game”. If there is anything you want to add, just write it in the comments column.

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