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How to Get Free Pharsa MSC Skin Without Diamonds, Try It!

How to Get Free Pharsa MSC Skin

Tournament show Mobile Legends The biggest in Southeast Asia (MSC) is finally back this year on 11 – 19 September 2022. There are at least 12 teams that will compete for the title as a team
Mobile Legends strongest in Southeast Asia.

To make the MSC event even more lively, Moonton presents
events specifically for MSC by presenting Pharsa’s skin “Hierophant”
as the main prize. Not only skinMoonton also prepared other prizes, such as MCL tickets, Premium Skin Fragmentsand various other interesting items that you can get while following events this MSC.

Skin MSC Pharsa “Hierophant” actually you can get it directly by buying MSC Pass worth 899 diamonds. However, it turns out skin can also be obtained for free with a capital of 25,900 MSC points.

Well, in this post, I will explain how to collect those 25,900 MSC points without having to spend diamonds a little bit. Without further ado, let’s just take a look at the following discussion:

1. Subscription MSC Pass (1,000 points)

MSC Event Subscribe Menu

Well, you can do this first method very easily, just stay login only on 6 – 10 September and claim directly in the menu MSC events to get 1000 MSC points.

This method can only be done once, and if you are late, you have lost your chance to get the 1000 MSC points.

2. Completed the MSC Pass Quest (14,700 points)

MSC Pass Quest Details

During September 6 – 20, you can earn MSC points by completing quest which has been provided.

QuestIt’s also fairly easy, you just have to loginpredict MSC matches, share events, play and win 1
in fashion classic / rank / brawl.

Whole quest it will bereset every day. So, don’t forget to finish it questher to earn a total of 14,700 MSC points.

3. Predict the Tournament (5,800 points)

Match Prediction

The MSC Tournament is held on September 11-19, and during that period, you can guess which team will win in each.
match to earn a total of 5,800 MSC points.

Try to make the right guess, because every wrong guess will not be converted into a dime of MSC points.

My advice, if you can’t guess which team will win, then just take the lowest bet so you don’t lose a lot of MSC points.

4. Champion Prediction (3,000 points)

Apart from predicting match, you can also predict which team will be the champion. When predicting, you will immediately get 1,000 MSC points, and if your guess is correct, then you will get an additional 2,000 MSC points.

In total you will get 3,000 MSC points from this champion prediction.

5. Login (1,500 points)

Login at the opening of the MSC on September 11, 2022 to earn 500 MSC points. If you miss it, well, you won’t get points.

Don’t forget to do it too login on the day of the announcement of the MSC winner to get 1000 MSC points.

6. Improved Rank Mode (3,600 points)

During the MSC tournament, there will be a special item named
“MSC Banner of Morale” which you can use while playing
rank or classic to get additional MSC points.

Make sure you win match while using
MSC Banner of Morale, because if you lose, then the MSC points you get are much less.

Well, from the six ways above, in total you will get
29,600 MSC points. With that point, that’s for sure
Pharsa’s skin “Hierophant” can you claim for free without having to buy diamonds.

Even if your points don’t reach 20,000, don’t worry because they’re still available

You can get Jawhead MSC for only 18,500 points.

Anyway, try to collect as many points as you can skin claimIt is good skin Jawhead or skin Phrases. If possible, both :v


That’s my discussion this time regarding the MSC event. If there is anything you want to add, please write it in the comments column.

Don’t forget to always visit to get other interesting info about the Mobile Legends game.

Thank you


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