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How to Get Fireworks Dance Amidst a Snowy Sky

Fireworks Dance Amids a Snowy Sky is a Fireworks Item in Genshin Impact.

Find out where to get it and how to use it, rarity and its effects, and everything you need to know about it in this article.

How To Get The Fireworks Dance In The Snowy Sky

Fireworks Dance in the Snowy Sky is one of the rewards that can be obtained after completing the stage challenge at the Fireworks Star event (Flameplume Starflowers).

This is one of the events in celebration of Lantern Rite, the Fleeting Colors in Flight.

How to Use Fireworks Dance in a Snowy Sky

You can use Launch Tube to light a Fireworks Dance Amidst Snowy Sky Fireworks and create a fireworks display for yourself or your friends.

How to Get Fireworks Dance Amidst a Snowy Sky

These beautiful golden fireworks followed a very graceful trajectory after they ascended and were quite silent. You will see a very beautiful sight when you ask.

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