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How to Get the Exclusive 515 Event Zilong Skin for Free Mobile Legends

Exclusive Zilong Skin 515

Skin Zilong exclusive event 515
finally released and you can get it for free via
event “515 All-Star”.

Event “515 All-Star” starting from September 29, 2022 – September 15, 2022 and is divided into 3 phases. The first phase is
“fote phase” which starts on September 29 – September 03. In this phase, you can support your favorite team by voting every day, and the four teams with the highest votes will be selected to participate in the tournament 515 All Stars.

To get votes, you have to complete various questlike login quests, play with friends, etc. All
quest it will bereset everyday. Therefore, make sure you play regularly every day to get lots of votes to support the team All Stars your favourite.

The second phase, namely “tournament phase” which will take place on September 4 -14th. During this phase, the match schedule will be displayed to make it easier for you to support the team All Stars your choice.

515 All Stars

The third phase, namely “celebratory phase” which will take place on September 15, 2022. In this phase, the team that won the tournament will be shown and all player who have supported it will receive attractive prizes. Don’t be sad first, those of you who support the losing team will also get prizes, it’s just that the prizes are not better than player which supports the winning team.

So, what about the Zilong 515 skin?

Zilong 515 skin you can get it for free by getting help from friends 90 times during events this is going on. How to get help is also quite easy, one of which is by asking friends for help in-game you with a limit of 50 players every day through the menu that is available on the page events. Meanwhile, you can help your friends back with a limit of 5 times a day.

If friends in-game you are not very active, then you can share link to social media to ask for help from many people at once, for example you can see at the following link:

That’s the only way to get Zilong 515 skins for free, like it or not, you really have to beg for help to get skin-his. Events this is much different from the previous year where Harith 515 skins at that time it could be obtained for free just by doing login just.

So, how about now? Are you still excited to get
skin This Zilong? Or have you just given up? Write your answer in the comments column.


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