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How to Enable wifi tethering to Share Internet Connection on Our Android

Sharing the internet from one android to another or to a laptop

Advances in technology have made it easier for us. Smartphones that are present today are equipped with capable connectivity devices. there is bluetooth, wifi, hotspot and internet data. so that we are not ignorant we have to start learning to understand using our aindroid intelligently.

There are many ways to share our internet connection to friends or to our laptops. First, when you surf on a laptop, you have to buy a modem or maybe someone who has been in jail before, likes to go to an internet cafe, by removing the LAN and then connecting it to our laptop by setting the specified IP. now we can share our internet connection easily.

You can share internet to your laptop or PC from your android. if for android to android also can. if you can use bluetooth technology to share the internet, but I don’t recommend it. You can also use USB Tethering by plugging your data cable into your PC or laptop. but there is another way, namely by activating your wifi hotspot. This method in my opinion is the most widely used when you want to share an internet connection from your cellphone to another Android or iOS cellphone.

Turning on hotspot tethering or activating wifi hotspot on android or on ios this can make us share internet connection easily. here’s how to enable or turn on wifi hotspot tethering easily

  1. First, do the Wifi Hostpot Settings first so that our wifi is safe later, how to open settings and select Network & Internet
  2. Then select Hotspot & Tethering after that enter the wifi name and password, select the security type to be wpa2 psk. after that you swipe right from off to on to turn on the wifi hotspot
    How to enable wifi tethering to share internet connection on our android
    Pay attention to the step by step so you understand. the purpose of installing security so that not just anyone can use our wifi. so only our friends or laptops can connect to our internet.
  3. Don’t forget to share the wifi password with our friends who need wifi tethering to share our internet connection. If it’s the way to turn on wifi tethering quickly is by swiping our cellphone screen from top to bottom. check the image below
    How to enable wifi tethering to share internet connection on our android
    Click hotspot to turn on your wifi tethering

Don’t be stingy on the internet, guys, so reading this for friends who don’t know how to activate the wifi tethering so they know how to activate the wifi hotspot. oh yes, don’t forget to activate the internet data so that the wifi is not limited.

For those of you who are confused about how to see the wifi password, you can follow the tutorial in the second step above.