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How to Enable Dark Mode on the Latest Whatsapp Application

Whatsapp Dark Mode – good night friends, informants.. this time I will share how to activate dark mode on official whatsapp.

Previously whatsapps or what is called wa in Indonesia, this chat application has issued a dark mode version in its beta version. but now we can enjoy the dark mode mode on the wa stable version.

for how to activate wa dark mode on your android, you just have to follow the instructions from mimin, yes. let’s have a look guys:

  1. the first step, make sure friends have updated to the latest wa version, guys
  2. please open wa or whatsapp on android each of you
  3. Click the three dots in the top right corner and select settings
  4. please select chat
  5. and choose Theme or Theme
  6. after that make sure friends select dark mode or dark mode
    how to change whatsapp official to dark mode or dark mode
    Steps to change the wa or whatsapp theme to dark mode

if the informant’s friend has followed the steps above, then now your wa or whatsapp display will change to dark mode or dark mode.

friends should be able to enjoy the dark mode mode now. according to several articles that I read, this dark mode can make the battery that is consumed more efficient, besides that it is also friendly to our eyes.

how do you guys agree with the statement that dark mode makes battery efficient and friendly to our eyesight? leave a comment ok 😉

Don’t forget to help share if you find it useful for you. see you in the next tutorial guys…