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How to Easily Make Stickers on Android Without Editing and Installing Third-Party Applications

Tutorial on Making Stickers Without Tired of Editing Our Face Photos

Stickers can describe a self-expression to be sent to group friends or personal messages. stickers do make our chats feel more beautiful and interesting and feel more alive. as discussed earlier, we can create stickers with the help of the application then go through the editing process in such a way. but on this occasion we don’t need to edit our face photos if we want to make a sticker.

This time the info comes from the Gboard application which has a feature to make stickers from our faces without being complicated. Google always brings features that pamper its users. Gboard itself is a keyboard application created by Google.

So after you scan your face in the Gboard application, Gboard will generate a sticker that is similar to our face with many predetermined expressions. let’s go straight to the tutorial on making stickers with our faces in this Gboard application:

  1. Please update your Gboard application to the latest version
  2. Please open your WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger application, then you chat with one of your friends. Don’t send a message first, because we’re fishing to get the Gboard out of the cage hehehe..
  3. After that you follow the steps in the image below
    How to Easily Make Stickers on Android Without Editing and Installing Third-Party Applications
    Point the Camera at your face and wait for the preset to finish. when you’re done, you can custom the finished sticker or you can also choose done.
  4. If you want to recreate the sticker, then you can first uninstall the Gboard update and install the update again, then do steps 2 and 3. or you can also re-customize the sticker that was created earlier.

So now you can chat by sending stickers that are similar to your face, but the level of similarity in my opinion is still not quite right or not quite the same but in a similar way. My suggestion is that it’s better to take pictures with our faces in the camera using good light, not in dark light like mine. Good luck and I hope the sticker is similar to your real face