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How to Easily Display Hp Screen to Laptop

How to Easily Display Hp Screen to Laptop

Showing the cellphone screen to the laptop
– How to connect a cellphone screen to a laptop can be done in many ways. Some require an application and some do not.

The activity of displaying an Android smartphone screen to a laptop or PC is called mirroring. So this technique is more often called mirroring cellphone to pc.

For friends who want to try to display your android to a laptop, you can follow the tutorial below:

1. Please open your smartphone and activate the usb debugging feature

2. Then download this free scrcpy application

3. Next, please extract the scrcpy file earlier

4. Take the usb data cable and connect the cellphone to your computer

5. Open the scrcpy folder earlier, click scrcpy-console

6. If the adb error failed to get feature set device unauthorized appears, please open your cellphone then click OK on the RSA code that appears

7. The error above is because the RSA code has not been clicked OK

8. After that, do step 5 again, so now you have successfully mirrored your cellphone to your laptop with the help of a usb data cable.

If you want to mirror without additional applications, you can try using the Miracast feature in Windows 10.

now you can try this trick at home, if you want a more complete tutorial, please watch the video below:

I hope this tutorial on how to connect an Android phone to a laptop can be useful for those of you who need it. Finally, thank you for visiting this blog.