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How to Draw Free Aspirant Unite Mobile Legends Event! Auto Harvest Skins!

Aspirant Unite Mobile Legends Event

2022 seems to be a good year for
Mobile Legends playersbecause at the beginning of this year skin themed anime Aspirants officially released by Moonton.

Event skins anime titled “Aspirants Unit” it is available from September 22, 2022 to September 25, 2022. During that period, you can do draw so you can get a chance to get a skin
Layla “Miss Hikari” and Fanny “Blade of Kibou“.

Mechanism draw in Aspirant Unite event this time it can be said to be very similar to event “KoF”, because you have to finish
pattern (if in events this mechanism is like pinball) which is obtained after doing every 10 times draw.

If you guys are hockey, then skin You can get Layla or Fanny anime after doing 30 times draw just.

But the price for the draw is expensive, right? So what about the free players?

Create para player it’s free, take it easy because Moonton will also present quest which can be completed to get tickets
Aspirant Unite draw event the.

How to get the free draw ticket?

1. Pre-Register

Pre-Register Event Aspirant Unite
Display the Pre Register menu at the Aspirant Unite event

Login on September 22, 2022 and search
“Free Aspirant Unite Pass” on the menu events to do Pre-Register.

By doing pre-registered, you will be guaranteed to get one ticket draw free claimable on September 29, 2022.

2. Additional Quests

Aspirant Unite Event Quest
Various quests that will appear at the Aspirant Unite event

apart from pre-register, You can also get additional free tickets from various quest which will be presented by Moonton on September 29, 2022.

Various quest which will be present like:

  • Quest Login (get 1 free ticket)
  • Top up 100 diamonds (get 2 tickets)
  • Top up 250 diamonds (get 2 tickets)
  • Top up 500 diamonds (get 4 tickets)
  • Use 200 diamonds in the Aspirant Unite event (get 2 tickets)
  • Use 500 diamonds in the Aspirant Unite event (get 3 tickets)

If you finish all quest it (plus
Pre-register), then you will get a total of 15 tickets
draw free.

However, if you don’t want to do top up, you will only get 2 free tickets. Although the number is not much, but your chance to get skin with 2 tickets is very big, because prize pool in events this is mostly filled by hero skins.

Oh yeah, it’s also worth remembering that Aspirant Unite event This will be divided into 2 sessions, where the second session will start on September 14th.

On that date, you can do pre-register again to get 1 free ticket and complete various quest more will appear later on September 19th.

Can tickets from the first and second sessions be combined?

The answer is yes, because the tickets for the two sessions are the same shape and have the same validity period, which is until
Aspirant Unite event

expires on September 25, 2022.

Therefore, if you are a free player who wants
skin free, so my suggestion is to just hold 2 tickets from the first session to be combined with 2 free tickets from the second session.

That way, then you can do draw 4 times at once so the chance to get skin will get bigger.


So many discussions from me related Aspirant Unite event. If there is anything you want to add, just write it in the comments column.

Thank you


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