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How to Directly Unbind the Latest PUBG Mobile Account

Unbind PUBG Mobile Account – Good evening gamers friends.. This time I will share a tutorial on how to unbind a pubg mobile account directly in the application.

This unbind method applies to friends who want to delete their facebook, twitter or google play games account on pubg mobile.

but before continuing, there are some provisions that the informants must understand before proceeding to how to unbind their pubg mobile account, which are as follows:

  • Your pubg mobile account must have two accounts bound (eg connect google play games and facebook, or connect to twitter and facebook)
  • This unbind process will delete your pubg mobile account from the associated account (for example you want to delete facebook on your pubg mobile, then when unbind the facebook account can’t be used to log back in)
  • The unbind process can only be done once a month maximum

After understanding the provisions above, the informant will share a brief tutorial on how to delete your facebook or google play games account on your PUBG Mobile.

The following A short tutorial on how to delete your facebook account on PUBG MobilePlease take a look, guys:

  1. open your pubg account and login with facebook method (because if you want to delete your facebook account, you must enter it with a facebook account that is integrated with the pubg mobile)
  2. please open the settings in your pubg mobile (the image of the gear in the lower right corner)
  3. Next please click basic and click the unbind button
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  4. next click continue
  5. and click ok if you want to delete the facebook account on the pubg mobile
  6. until here it’s done
If you are still confused, then you can watch the complete video tutorial through this video:

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Thank you..