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How to Delete Friends in PUBG, No Toxic-Toxic Player

Are your friends toxic and difficult to work with? Are you looking for ways to unfriend PUBG? Exactly because this article will review it.

For those who often push rank, of course, they need friends so they can push rank together. However, we often encounter annoying and toxic players, which is definitely a burden. Luckily, you can remove them from your friends list, here’s how.

How to Delete Friends on PUBG Mobile Easily

how to unfriend PUBG

It’s easy, make sure the account name or nickname of the friend you want to delete is still on the friend list. Next do this.

1. Open Friend List

The first step is to open the friend list or friends list by going to the top left corner of the main page.

2. Select Batch Manage

Next, tap the three-line icon in the friend list box at the top right. After that, select the Batch Manage option.

3. Click Delete

Select the friend you want to delete, if you have clicked delete at the bottom right to remove it from the friends list.

Take it easy, if you want to be friends again at any time you can. You do this by sending a friend request as usual.

It’s because you just deleted it. It’s different if you block him, he automatically can’t send friends and won’t see you in any match.

Indeed, there are many factors that cause someone to delete friendships, one of which is toxic. It is undeniable that there are many players who are close to each other even though they have only met in a few games.

If you’re with close friends, there’s no problem with being toxic, so if you just met or don’t know you suddenly say nothing, there really isn’t any etiquette.

In addition to being toxic, noob players also often irritate. Usually this type of player will ruin the game because they don’t know when is the right moment to attack or defend.

And no less annoying are cheaters. Players who are members of a team with this cheater will usually get banned. Wow, that’s too dangerous.

That’s why you should unfriend suspicious accounts. Accept requests from players who can be invited to cooperate, are not selfish and are not cheaters. If indeed the player cannot be set, just delete it in the way above.