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How to Create Unique PUBG Nicknames with Symbols

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular mobile battle royale games in the world. Classic in-game matches involve players who land on an island fighting each other to be the last one standing.

The identity between these players is known from their nicknames. In order to stand out from the rest of the players, they often use unique and creative names. The names usually contain different symbols and fonts.

The problem is, smartphone keyboards don’t have a large variety of symbols and fonts to choose from. But don’t worry, there are sites that will help you create a unique name like and

At, players can use the name the site recommends. You do this by clicking the “Cool Text Generator” or “Nickname to symbols” section to adjust the name according to taste.

You can also use keyboard apps like FancyKey to create unique names.

How to make a Symbol Nickname in PUBG Mobile?

There are two ways to create a unique nickname with symbols, namely without an application and with an application. We will discuss both.

How to Create Unique PUBG Nicknames with Symbols Without an application

The first way without an application, players only need to visit a nickname maker site such as nickfinder. The method :

  • Visit
  • Type the name of your choice in the top right column
  • If so, click find!
  • Later, there will be many recommendations for your name combined with unique fonts and symbols
  • Choose what you want then copy and paste it into the nickname in PUBG Mobile.

By App

The next way is with the help of the application. You need to install additional keyboard apps like FancyKey from Play Store. If so, here’s the complete method.

  • Open the Fancykey application that has been downloaded
  • Click the “enable fancy keyboard” button
  • Enable “Fancykey Emoji & GIFs”
  • Click on “enable fancy keyboard” again, there will be “Fancykey Emojis & GIFs” and “Gboard” options. Choose the first one
  • If so, enter your PUBG game
  • Look for Rename Card and click the Use feature or use it
  • Click the “Enter Your New Nickname” section
  • Select Logo “F” on keyboards
  • Later the keyboards feature will appear.
  • Choose the font according to taste
  • If you have, click OK
  • Nickname has changed

That’s how to create a unique Nickname in PUBG Mobile with and without an application. With a unique nickname, of course, it will make you different and cooler than other players.