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How to Create the Latest BRI Savings Account, No Complicated

How to Open a New BRI Account – Good afternoon friends, informants… this time I want to share my experience when I first opened a BRI Bank account.

I have wanted to open a bank account for a long time, but there are many obstacles, so finally yesterday, Monday, November 16, 2022, I decided to go to BANK BRI to open a new account.

Why BRI Bank?

It just so happened that because Bank BRI’s branch was closest to my home area, I finally tried to go to Bank BRI.

Let’s go straight to the point-point requirements and the process, so that friends can immediately prepare whatever must be brought.

The following are the requirements before leaving for the Bank:

  • Clean clothes and don’t forget masks (corona effect)
  • prepare a minimum of 150 thousand or a maximum according to the contents of the bag
  • Photocopy of E-KTP and E-KTP (no need to bring a family card or just in case you can also bring it.)

After all the requirements above were prepared, I then left for the nearest BANK BRI branch and when I got there I took the queue number for customer service, don’t take the teller queue, guys..

after receiving a call, friends will be asked in a friendly manner with a sweet smile from their bank employees.

After that, we will be asked what account do we want to open? (SIMPEDES, BRITAMA, ETC). so I made SIMPEDES.

After that, friends were asked to fill out a form and sign it. until this process is complete we just have to wait for the employee to input our data.

Furthermore, the employee will ask how much do you want to open an account with? This answer is in accordance with the requirements of the 2nd point, which I have given above.

after that, friends will be asked to prepare a 6-digit number as the atm password. Don’t forget the 6 digit password.

after that the account book will be given to the working teller to be activated and printed out, later the nominal amount of money will be billed in this section. get the money out right away. You can also put it in your account book when you want to hand it over to the teller.

Until here, just wait to be called and take the account book, take the ATM then go home. Just test, just withdraw money at the ATM.

Note: For ATM card types, there are GPN and Mastercard, if you want to get a Mastercard, please save with a minimum nominal of 500 thousand, if it is below 500, you will be given an ATM with a GPN.

That’s all this experience, About How to Open a BRI Bank account, hopefully it’s useful, guys..