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How to Create a Custom Room in the PUBG Mobile Android Game

Play With Friends In The Room As Friends Or Enemies

For those of you who don’t know how to make a room in the PUBG Mobile game, we will discuss in our article this time. according to the title, we will create a room for custom play. The custom here is that we will play with our friends as opponents or as friends depending on what our needs and goals are for making the room.

For those of you who have not joined a clan, I recommend joining because we will buy a room card to create a custom room. You can buy this room card or room card at a price of 300 clan points. you can buy it in the clan shop. collect the clan points and buy the room card.

The use of this room card is only one-time use, so use it for the right purposes only. disposable means that we can only use the card once to make the room and the room is also only used once, so when the game is over, the room cannot be reused. there is a difference between the advanced room card and the usual one, I have mentioned the usual one as above, while the advanced one card can create many rooms. if you buy the advanced version the price is around 100 for the 1 and 500 UC for the 7. I myself have never bought it for the advanced version so I can’t write down the difference significantly.

let’s start the process of making the room by following the tutorial provided below:

  1. Go into your game and click on the little home icon at the bottom of the map selection
    How to Create a Custom Room in the PUBG Mobile Android Game
  2. Next select create room > Use>ok

  3. Make sure you have bought a room card at the clan shop before following step number 2. then you can arrange your room as you wish and as needed, set the game mode, select a map, and create a password
    In this section we will start creating the room, so arrange it according to your wishes.
  4. Then invite your friends by sharing the room id and password, so you can play custom with them to have fun in the game.
    How to Create a Custom Room in the PUBG Mobile Android Game
    Try to play it busy so that it’s not lonely hehe.. if everything has been collected, then you just click start to start the battle with your friends, both as friends and as opponents.
  5. Until here done

So the usual room card can only be used once for one match game. I haven’t tried the advanced version yet, so I haven’t dared to write it yet. So how easy is it to make the room, isn’t it?

For those of you, if you are still confused, you can ask through the comments column on this blog, don’t hesitate and hesitate, if there are errors, please correct them, I will fix them later. I will accommodate all suggestions from you for the good and progress of this blog. Thank you for visiting the informant’s children’s blog.