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How to Connect Whatsapp to Laptop

How to Connect Whatsapp to Laptop

Connecting wa to laptop – To connect your wahtsapp to your laptop, please prepare wifi or internet on both devices first.

by connecting wa to the laptop will make it easier for us to reply to incoming messages. Actually the method used to connect your WhatsApp to your laptop is to use the WhatsApp web feature.

here’s how to connect wa to laptop:

The First Way: Setting On a Laptop

  1. Open your laptop and open your browser
  2. Here I’m using Google Chrome as an example
  3. After opening Google Chrome, please access
  4. if so, please wait until the whatsapp web successfully displays the barcode code
  5. done

now we will switch to the version of our cellphone or smartphone.

The Second Way: Setting On Hp

  1. open the wa app on your phone
  2. then select the three dots in the upper right corner
  3. select whatsapp web
  4. point the scanner camera right at the barcode code on your laptop
  5. done

please do the settings with the two methods above, so that your whatsapp can be connected directly from your cellphone to your laptop or pc.

For more details, you can watch the video below:

Note: this method can also be used on your two Android devices. you can connect your wa from one cellphone to another by using the desktop mode method on your google chrome cellphone.

well that’s the tutorial how to connect wa directly from cellphone to laptop. I hope this tutorial can be useful for all of you. that’s all and I end thank you for visiting this blog.