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How to Climb Mt. Gelmir and Reaching the Elden Ring Volcano Manor

Mt. Gelmir and Volcano Manor are two areas of the Elden Ring at the end of the game that are difficult for players to access.

Not only is the road leading to them full of formidable enemies and shocking invaders, but it is also a dangerous path to take as the main road is destroyed.

The main bridge to Mt. Gelmir was broken and there seemed to be no way forward, and there seemed to be no other way to climb the mountain.

Fortunately, there is a very easy solution not too far from the bridge. Here’s how to climb Mt. Gelmir and reach the Volcano Manor in the Elden Ring.

How to Climb Mt. Gelmir at the Elden Ring

While the main bridge to Mount Gelmir had collapsed, there was another path leading to the nearby mountain. Turn around from the bridge and start back down the trail to the Atlus Plateau.

There is a ladder on the right side of the cliff that you can use to start climbing to the top of Mt. Gelmir. There are two torches on each side of the stairs, so keep an eye on the fire.

How to Climb Mt.  Gelmir and Reaching Volcano Manor

Watch out for all the enemies along the way, as they can hit you as you climb the lower steps.