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How to Clear Cache on Xiaomi Phones

How to Clear Cache on Xiaomi Phones

Clear Cache On Xiaomi – Cache is a track record that contains temporary information that is stored in memory to make an application so that when accessed it can run faster.

the cache itself will help make the application open faster than usual. there are two ways to clear cache that has accumulated, you can delete it through the security application or through the filemanager application.

here’s how to clear cache on xiaomi:

The First Way: Through the Security Application

  1. Open Security App
  2. Choose cleaner
  3. Wait for the Scanning Process to Run
  4. After that Click Clean
  5. Done

The Second Way: Through the Filemanager Application

  1. Open Filemanager
  2. Select Cleaner Icon In Bottom Right Corner
  3. Wait for the Scanning Process to Complete
  4. Check the Clear Cache Option and Check Other Optional (If needed, check carefully so you don’t delete it wrong)
  5. Click Clean
  6. Done

Note: by selecting or checking File Cache only, you have successfully deleted the cache on your xiaomi cellphone. but you can do an advanced scan to delete application data or other large files, as needed. on advanced scans, you should check first because maybe you will delete important data which can be fatal.

So that’s how to clear cache on your xiaomi phone. For more details, you can watch the video below:

That’s the brief information that Mimin can provide, hopefully it can help friends who need it.