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How to Check HP Battery Health

How to find out the health of the cellphone battery

Check Battery Health – The battery is a component that functions as an energy source that is owned by every smartphone. The presence of a battery is very much needed to make a smartphone operate.

Smartphone performance is greatly influenced by the condition of the battery as well. the better the condition of the battery, the performance of the smartphone will also be good.

you need to know, the health of your battery can also decrease when the use you do is unnatural, such as being too overused. For example, in charge while playing games, let it run out of battery many times.

this is what can make the condition of the cellphone battery unhealthy and become less prime again, so that your cellphone’s performance will decrease.

Characteristics of Decreased Battery Health

the following mimin summarizes the characteristics of the battery is not good health:

  1. Unstable charging process, sometimes too fast and sometimes very slow as usual.
  2. Easy Quick finish
  3. sometimes the cellphone likes to turn itself off (likes to drop)
  4. phone is dead

not a few problems that cause the cellphone to die completely due to a leaky and damaged battery, this causes my friend to have to replace the battery so that the cellphone can be revived.

How to Check HP Battery Health

Here’s how to check battery health that you can try:

  1. Install the Battery Health Checker Application, Click here to download
  2. Open and Grant access permission to the app
  3. then please use the cellphone as usual
  4. health data will appear after a few hours of cellphone use
  5. done

By using the battery health check application above, you can find out what percentage of battery health is. You can try this method on cellphones such as Vivo, Samsung and other cellphones, not only on Xiaomi.

Suggestion: We recommend that our cellphone batteries stay healthy, use them appropriately. avoid use, such as playing games while being charged, then if the battery temperature is high, it should be charged while the cellphone is disabled, don’t charge while sleeping, don’t let the battery run out all the time and die.

the following are the results of the test to check the health of mimin’s cellphone battery: