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How to change youtube account on android

How to change youtube account on android – YouTube is a platform owned by Google that has many users. we can watch movies or videos for free here. There are also many useful educational videos that can be watched here.

many of us can have more than 1 youtube account even though we only use 1 email. Well if you are interested in having multiple YouTube accounts, you can make one. I’ll do it later on how to do it.

this time mimin only focuses on how to change our youtube account, especially on android. Here are the steps you can try to replace your YouTube account with another account:

  1. open your youtube app
  2. Click profile in the top right corner
  3. then click on our channel name
  4. choose another channel name that appears
  5. Click on the name of the channel you want to use
  6. done

If you are confused, please watch the short video below:

well that’s how to change youtube account on your android. good luck and thanks for dropping by here.