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How to Change Your Name in Free Stumble Game 100% Can Be Repeated

how to change the name of stumble guys for free

Game stumble is the favorite and most downloaded game on the play store. This relaxing game is suitable to be played with our friends in groups.

When you first create your Stumble game account, you can get a free name change for new players. you can change the name in the stumble game for free especially for beginners.

but this time mimin will share a different tutorial, where we can change the name in the stumble game for free and can be repeated and not be charged a dime diamond.

here are the steps on how to change or rename in the stumble game for both beginners and old players:

Stage 1 Linking a Stumble Account First

well at this stage is the initial way so that we can change our game account without losing the account. the goal is to keep the game account safe and stored in a google account or in our facebook account. for how to link a stumble account can be read here.

Stage 2 Deleting the Stumble Game Application Data

make sure before entering this stage you have linked the stumble account with a google or facebook account according to step 1 earlier.

So, we will go to clear data in the following way:

  1. let’s close the stumble game application first
  2. then on the game icon we click and hold
  3. select app info
  4. then select clear data
  5. click ok

Stage 3 Re-login

Here’s how to re-login our Stumble account with a Google or Facebook account:

  1. open the stumble game again
  2. select the gear icon in the top right corner
  3. click login with the account you have linked
  4. click yes

Step 4 Change the Stumble Account Name

this is the final stage to change the name so it’s free and doesn’t need another 100 diamonds, please follow the method below:

  1. then we click on our account name in the upper left corner
  2. click name again
  3. now you can change the name as you like for free
  4. fill in the name in the textbox
  5. click free/free
  6. done

of the 4 stages above, actually the key is only in the clear data of the stumble game application.
only we are required to link the account so that the account does not disappear after clearing the data.

I’m attaching a video tutorial below to make it clearer:

that’s a short tutorial on how to change the name in the stumble game guys for free without the need for diamonds. I hope this tutorial can be useful.