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How to Change Language on Android Smartphone

Changing Language On Android – Language is a skill possessed by every individual in this world. in the development of the current era, there are so many cellphones that are distributed to various countries with many variants, types, colors and language choices that have been installed in the cellphones that we buy.

How to Change English to Indonesian on Android Smartphone

Of course not all languages ​​can be understood by this individual. generally in Indonesia itself there are still many who do not understand the use of English in Android smartphones in particular.

so that many of us want to change from English to Indonesian so that it is easier to understand when learning to use their new cellphone.

How to change the language on our Android phones from English to Indonesian

Here I will share a tutorial on how to change the language on our Android phone:

  1. Go to Settings/Settings
  2. Select Additional Settings
  3. select language & input
  4. Select language
  5. Select or Search Indonesian
  6. Done

Well that’s how to change the language on our android, you can try it or if you feel confused, you can watch the mimin video below:

Hopefully with the tutorial above can help you and can be useful of course. So many settings how to change English to Indonesian on an Android phone. thank you guys