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How to Change Google Chrome Account

How To Change Google Chrome Account On Android

Changing Chrome Account – Google Chrome is a browser made by Google which is installed by default on our Android.

This browser by default will be linked to our Google account and all browsing data that we do in Chrome will also be recorded by the Chrome application and stored in our Google account.

Generally, all Android users on average have more than one Google account, so for those of you who want to replace the Google account on Chrome with another account, you can follow the way that Mimin shares this.

How to Change Google Chrome Android Account

here’s how to change google account in chrome on android:

  1. Please open your android chrome
  2. then select point 3 in the upper right corner
  3. select settings
  4. select the google account you want to replace
  5. select logout and disable sync
  6. then choose another account
  7. choose or add a replacement google account
  8. done

this method will change the default chrome google account to a new google account, which you have chosen as a replacement.

How to Change Google Chrome Account On Laptop

Unlike on Android, Google Chrome on a laptop by default is empty. usually after first logging in with a google account, the account will become the primary account in chrome. even though it has been logged out, the data is still stored and you must turn it off through the settings to delete data such as bookmarked webs and others.

here’s how to change google account on chrome laptop:

  1. open chrome on your laptop
  2. Select the 3 dots in the top right corner
  3. choose you and google
  4. select turn off
  5. select turn on sync
  6. enter a replacement google account
  7. done

with method number 5 you have successfully deleted the default google account on chrome, method 6 and below you have succeeded in changing the google account.

now for the video version tutorial I have made, you can watch it in my video below:

That’s the tutorial on how to change your google account on your chrome. I hope this tutorial can be useful for friends who need it.