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How to Change Application Icons and Custom Widgets with KWGT Free

Change App Icons and Widgets So Cool – maybe you are bored with the appearance of your application icons that are mediocre and just so-so. I have a solution by changing the application icon, you can replace it with an icon of your own choice.

How to Change Application Icons and Custom Widgets with KWGT Free

I myself often change my application icon according to my taste. everyone may have their own tastes, so I can’t say the icon that I use is good or cool because everyone’s assessment will be different.

To make changes to the application icon, there are actually several ways depending on what ROM you are using.

if you use a custom base aosp rom then you will be surprised that you can’t change themes easily like on miui roms. I myself often change roms and currently still survive on the havoc os 2.4 android pie rom.

if you are on a miui rom you can also follow this tutorial, but actually on the miui rom itself by changing the theme you will also get changes to the application icon and other changes depending on the theme used.

in the xiaomi theme manager you can also customize icons from several installed themes, you can collaborate on them.

but on this occasion I will give a tutorial on how to replace icons and widgets by installing the following materials:

  1. Install a launcher that supports custom icons such as pocophonef1 launcher, launchair v2, nova launcher, cpl and others.
  2. Install kwgt on play store
  3. install huk kwgt on play store
  4. install icon pack in playstore.

all the materials above, the download link is in the video description, so please watch and check the video description section. Thank you!!

You can download all of the above materials for free. After you have downloaded all the materials above, you must watch the video below for further tutorials.

if you have watched the video above, I think friends will understand how to use the kwgt and the kwgt law and how to edit the text in the kwgt.

please be creative as possible. huk kwgt is an application that contains cool and free widgets, while kwgt is a free widget maker application and there is also a paid version.