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How to buy clothes or clothes in the PUBG Mobile game

Tutorial Using Gold Or Bp aka Battle Points To Buy Items

It’s not good if our game characters don’t use items or weapons even if they are completely naked. Some Players may find it strange if the game character is not wearing clothes. Clothing such as shirts and pants can beautify our character, it can even make our character look cooler.

Bp or Battle Point is a point in the form of gold that can be obtained from selling items, the results of our logging in and at the same time prizes that can be obtained from playing pubg mobile games. when you have completed a mission, you can also get a bonus in the form of battle points or gold. while Silver Fragment is a coin that can be obtained from the sale of excess clothing or items. There is also the most important, namely UC. UC in pubg mobile games is used to buy cool boxes or premium items. So it depends on which one you want to buy.

On this occasion I will give an example of how to buy items randomly using Bp or Gold.

  1. Make sure you have enough bp, the more bp you have, the more chances to open the gift box. When you first buy a gift box, the amount of bp spent is 700bp, but when you open the second it is more than 700bp and usually the maximum value is 7000 bp. Here’s how to exchange your BP for random prizes
    How to buy clothes or clothes in the PUBG Mobile game
    How to exchange your gold or BP in the pubg mobile game
  2. To use the Silver Fragment we can open the Shop and select the Redeem Section
    How to buy clothes or clothes in the PUBG Mobile game
    Choose an item you want to buy with the silver fragment, don’t forget to see if your silver fragment is sufficient or not. if not enough please save it. Silver fragments can be obtained from selling more clothing items.
  3. As for Uc, almost everything can be bought, you can check at the shop.

You can also get items such as hats and bags from completing existing events. you can open free boxes from event results, exchange tickets you get to open premium boxes and many others.

In addition, if you are diligent in completing every event, you can get a free parachute. If you upgrade your Royalpass, then you can get even more rewards. don’t forget to complete the royalpass mission to get the prizes listed there.