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How to be an Impostor in Among Us With and Without Cheats

In the game Among Us there is a role called impostor. Well, this article will discuss how to continue to be an impostor on Among Us.

In this game there are two important roles, namely impostor and crewmate. But there are those who want to continue to be impostors, reluctant to take on the role of crewmate. How to? Check out the full discussion below.

How to Become an Impostor Continue to be Among Us

The role distribution system in the game is determined randomly or randomly by the system. So actually players can’t choose to become impostors or crewmates.

In one impostor team consists of one to two players depending on the arrangement of the room maker. Players who get this role will receive a special notification.

However, now there are many tricks popping up to get around to becoming an impostor. So, players can become impostors every time they compete.

You do this by using a cheat application. The application is made in such a way that players can activate the impostor mode continuously.

Become an Impostor with Mod Apk and No Cheats

There are a number of Mod applications or cheats that make you an impositor in Among Us. However, we do not recommend it because it has the potential to get hit by tires. But if you want to give it a try, here are some recommendations.

Among Us Mod Apk

mod apk

Download the Among Us Mod Apk application here.

First with a third-party application called Among Us Mod Apk. It’s easy, you just need to download the application and do the installation as usual.

After that, you can immediately play the game with the role impostor continuously. But once again, we remind you that third-party applications or cheats are not guaranteed to be safe.

Because your account has the potential to be permanently banned by the developer Among Us. Moreover, we never know whether the mod application has been infiltrated by malware or is really clean.

You should think again if you want to use this kind of cheat application.

Force Quit

How to Become an Impostor on Among Us

If you don’t want to risk your account being banned by using cheats, force quit is the safest way.

Later, if you get a crewmate role, just force quit and make a new game again. Do this continuously until you get the impostor position.

Don’t worry, because Among Us itself does not punish players who leave during the game. So be safe.

But of course friends from the lobby must be very upset because you just quit. The number of players has also decreased.

Network Bugs

network bugs

Another way is to do a network bug. It’s quite easy, open the game then join. If the game is about to start, turn off the internet network either data or wifi on your cellphone.

Then, turn it on again and join the lobby. most likely you will occupy the Impositor role. But this is impossible, it doesn’t always work.

Well, that’s how to become an impostor in Among Us either with the help of mods or cheats or playing it safe. Good luck!