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How to Backup Wa On Google Drive

How to Backup Wa On Google Drive

How to Backup Wa . Data – Backing up Whatsapp to a google drive account is the right choice so that when you want to move wa data on your old cellphone it becomes easier.

When you back up WA on Google Drive, all chat messages including photo files, videos or other document files will also be backed up.

to back up wa on google drive please follow these steps:

  1. open your whatsapp app
  2. Click on the 3 dots in the top right corner
  3. select settings
  4. select chat
  5. Choose Chat backup
  6. Select Backup To Google Drive
  7. select Only When I Tap Backup
  8. Choose Your Google Account
  9. Wait until the backup process is complete
  10. click back up
  11. Done

1. Open Google Drive

2. Select Line 3 in the upper left corner

3. select backup

4. You should see your wa backup file, usually the file name contains the wa number you are using.

You can delete or disable the backed up file. You can watch the video version of the tutorial below:

So much information that I can provide, hopefully the tutorial above can help my friend.