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How To Automatically Turn Text Into Mp3 Audio On

How To Automatically Turn Text Into Mp3 Audio On Text to Audio Mp3 – Based on search results on google trends, many people search for this trick using keywords freetts whatsapp ringtones and wa ringtones freetts. Mimin himself was confused about translating it, because when Mimin visited the site, it didn’t provide a feature to make ringtones or voice names there.

After Mimin understands, it turns out that their intention is how to change text into an audio that can be used as a ringtone in the WA application using Ms. Google’s voice.

What is

so this is a site that can convert text or documents into audio in mp3 format easily using natural sound and free of charge can be downloaded directly.

How to Make Mp3 from Text on

so here’s how to make text into mp3 audio on

  1. Open your chrome browser
  2. go to
  3. select start text to speech here
  4. then fill in the text that you want to convert into audio in the textbox
  5. select a language
  6. choose voice style
  7. click convert
  8. done
please play the converted results via the audio play sign at the bottom. provides many language options and each language will provide a different voice style as well.

note: every time you make changes to text and changes to voice and language styles, make sure you always convert too, this is so that the changes made can work.

How to Download Audio mp3 on

to download mp3 audio on, you can do it in 2 ways, here’s how you can try:

First step:

  1. Click the 3 dots next to the audio play
  2. select download
  3. done

Second way:

  1. click on the Click to download audio section
  2. done
For those of you who are curious about the results, you can watch the video below:

Thank you