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How to Add Fund Payment Methods on Playstore

How to Add Fund Payment Methods on Playstore – if you want to buy an application on the playstore then you are required to add a payment method that is supported by google. here we are given many options such as using credit, through the playstore balance, or it could be with a fund application.

it turns out that there are still many who don’t understand how to add funds as a payment method in the playstore application. therefore mimin will help you by providing tutorials that are simple and easy to understand.

So, here’s how to add a payment method for funds on the Playstore:

  1. open playstore
  2. Select your profile picture in the top right corner
  3. choose payment & subscription
  4. choose payment method
  5. select add funds
  6. click continue
  7. click continue again
  8. done

if successful then the funds will be at the top right below your google play store balance. This indicates that you have successfully added funds as a payment method in your Play Store application.

now you can buy the app you want. make sure you have enough funds, guys.. now this method can also be used if you want to add other payment methods such as Telkomsel or Tri or other providers.

here I attach a short video if the tutorial above is still not clear, please watch it to the end:

so I wrote this tutorial, hopefully it can be useful for those of you who need it. Thank You.